Best crepe maker for home use in USA 2021

Best Crepe Maker For Home Use in USA 2021

 Crepes are easy to make at home, believe it or not. These fantastic snacks were once restricted to bistros and restaurants, but thanks to the home crepe makers, you can enjoy crepes in the privacy of your own home.

Crepes are difficult to create manually because you have to correctly determine the thickness of a crepe or else you end up with disaster. However, technology in the form of a crepe maker makes crepe making easy.

If you want smooth and even crepes, the trick is to use a crepe maker. Using a regular pan for crepes will result in uneven edges.

Crepe makers have a special circular grill where you spread the batter. The grill is created from die-cast aluminum for easier cleaning and a more even heat distribution. You can get different varieties of crepe makers to suite your kitchen space.

Things to consider when you are going to buy a best crepe maker for home use-

The following are some of the things to check out for when choosing a crepe maker for home use-

Stove top or electric crape maker: It’s important that you choose the best crepe maker for your personal needs. You can look at getting a stove top variety of crape maker that has a sort of concave vessel with a convex griddle over it. By far, stove top crape machines are the cheapest options and often the most convenient for home crepe-making. 

There are also electric crepe makers as well. These look like a sort of inverted pan on top of a heating element. Though these may be expensive, they allow far more crepes to be made that the stove top creep makers.

Most restaurants will use electric crepe makers to make crepes since you can make more than one crepe at the same time.

Heat Source: No matter what sort of crepe model you choose, make sure that the crepe machine will heat up quickly and retains the heat. New crepe makers can heat in less than a minute.

Some crepe models have a heating control so you can fine tune the heating process. Also make sure the griddle is large enough to hold the crepe batter. The larger the crepe, the larger the griddle you will need.

Also when looking for a crepe maker, one should check reviews on the heat source of the appliance. Many heat sources use a heating coil similar to oven burners.

These coils circulate around a hot plate or flat top surface and conduct heat across the metal surface. The coils should be able to heat from an electric source that is rated 1000 watts or more to ensure proper temperatures for frying.

Temperature Settings: Because crepes now come from almost every part of the globe, there are a number of varieties and consistencies that people enjoy.

For instance, people in Western Europe may enjoy their crepes crisp while folks in Brazil may like their crepes a bit doughy. For this reason, many crepe makers come with a variety of settings for the heat source.

Although most crepe makers do not come with actual degrees like one may find on an oven dial, the settings should be easy to understand, which can be similar to the heat dials on a toaster.

Obviously, the lower settings would cook the crepe less, which would create a softer texture while hotter settings will fry the crepe more quickly, and make it crisp.

The temperature settings are in direct correlation with the heat source, and a good crepe maker will be easy to adjust and have clear illustrations of what to expect for each setting.

Price: For basic crepe making, the cheap crepe makers should work ok, though they won’t provide as much heat control and are slower cooking than the more expensive models.

If you really fancy yourself a crepe connoisseur, you will want to get one of the more commercial crepe makers that cost a couple hundred dollars. This may sound expensive, but the results are worth it.

Maintenance: When you want to buy a crepe maker, you need to consider if it will be easy to clean as well as maintain. Ensure you get one from a manufacturer that has provided a guide or a manual on how to go about the cleaning exercise.

The manufacturer that you opt for will greatly determine the efficiency of the appliance as well as quality of the crepes.

Accessories: Accessories that the appliance has will also influence the quality of crepes that you make.

For instance, some appliances will have wooden spatulas or plastics spatulas that you will use when spreading or distributing the batter evenly when cooking. Those appliances that have accessories are more preferable than those that do not have.

Check Reviews: When you choose for an online store, you need to order early to avoid last minute rush. It is also vital to check reviews of the online provider that you have opted to do business with. This is because the review will give you an insight of what to expect.

The List of Top 5 Best Crepe Maker For Home Use in 2021

comes with automatic temperature control
Our Ratings

 Brand- G&M Kitchen Essentials | Color- Black | Voltage- 120 Volts | Item Dimensions (LxWxH)-  13.19 x 12.08 x 2.68 inches | Item Weight- 2.6 Pounds

For Best Deals-

About this item:

This crepe maker comes with automatic temperature control features. It comes with built in indicator light that signals when the crepe pan is at the perfect temperature.

The indicator light stays lit when the crepe maker is warming up and when the desired temperature is reached of the electric crepe maker the light will automatically shut off and you can begin cooking your food- such as french crepes, pancakes, dosa and more.

If this is your first time using a crepe maker; do not worry! Because with this crepe maker you’ll get over 100 crepe recipes and tools so you can start using your electric crepe maker right away.

This nonstick 12 inch best crepe maker for home use is design for any kitchen and it is safe and family friendly. It is easy to use and easy to clean also come with doubles as a pancake machine or griddle.  

It comes with a 24/7 USA customer support and lifetime replacement guaranty.


  • Portable, compact and easy to clean
  • Precise temperature control- Built-in light indicator to help you create the perfect crepe
  • Comes with 100 recipe cookbook with wooden spatula and spreader
  • 24/7 Customer support with lifetime replacement

Pros of this unit- It comes with excellent none stick surface and easy to use, warms up quickly, its adjustable temperature control allow you to choose different heating according to your need

comes with 13 inches nonstick cooking surface
Our Ratings

Brand- Proctor Silex | Color- Black & stainless steel | Material- Stainless Steel | Voltage- 120 Volts | Wattage- 1000 watts | Item Dimensions (LxWxH)-  15.35 x 14.72 x 5.35 inches | Item Weight- 5.19 pounds | Warranty- 3 Years

For Best Deals-

About this item:

This best crepe maker for home use comes with 13 inches nonstick cooking surface, the nonstick surface is easy to clean after cooling and all accessories comes with this crepe maker are dishwasher safe.

 It comes with 8 heating level and you can control the heating level according to your need. You can control how brown your crepes, pancakes, tortillas and other foods turn out.

With this you can easily cook homemade flour tortillas, make traditional pancakes and many more. Use the medium setting for crepes to give perfectly golden finish or slide the lever to a higher setting for darker crepes.

With this crepe maker you can also get batter cup, spreader and spatula. With the batter cup and spreader you can achieve the signature paper thin crepe consistency and extra-large spatula is specifically designed to make flipping and folding crepes.

This crepe maker also has built-in ready indicator light. This indicator light illuminates when the crepe maker is ready to use.


  • 13 inches nonstick crepe maker with adjustable heat
  • Batter cup for the perfect-sized crepes
  • Batter spreader to help create thin, even crepes
  • Extra-large spatula designed to make folding and flipping easy

Pros of this unit- It is a great crepe maker for beginners, The crepe maker heat faster, It has 8 temperature settings so it is perfect for cooking various things, It is light weight so you can easily carry it.

comes with high power thermostat control
Our Ratings

Brand-ISILER| Color- Sliver| Material- Stainless Steel | Voltage- 120 Volts | Wattage- 1080 watts | Power cable length- 3.6 ft/1.1 m | Item Dimensions (LxWxH)-13.46 x 13.15 x 3.43 inches | Item Weight-3.54 pounds

For Best Deals-

About this item:

This crepe maker comes with high power with thermostat control that offer instant heating and make your delicious breakfast in minutes.

It comes with simple temperature adjustment. Just rotate the knob to the desired cooking intensity after power on and when the green indicator turns off, you are ready to cook.

Its 12 inch cooking plate with e-shaped heat pipe distributes heat evenly which gives you perfectly sized and well cooked crepes.

This best crepe maker for home use also comes with intelligent temperature control features that the heating temperature won’t exceed 428 ± 68 °F/220 ± 20 °C, that preventing the crepe from burned or dry cooking.

This crepe maker meets the FDA food safety standards. The food-grade aluminum cooking plate of this crepe maker ensures safe and reliable use and its non-stick surface helps to create a perfect crepe and make cleanup easy.

It comes with anti-slip rubber base which keep the unit steady on the countertop and the power cord can be neatly stored in the base.

You can use this crepe maker for versatile use- such as it is great for cooking crepes, eggs, steaks, bacon, pizzas, chicken wings and more.


  • Comes with intelligent temperature control feature
  • Even heat distribution
  • High power with thermostat control
  • Non-stick surface for easy cleanup
  • Comes with overheating protection
  • Simple temperature adjustment

Pros of this unit- The edge is well made with a rim which prevents liquid from flowing out, it is easy to use and clean, Heat up quickly, comes with affordable price.

made with high quality non stick Teflon surface
Our Ratings

Brand-Krampouz| Color- Sliver| Material- Stainless Steel | Voltage- 110 Volts | Wattage- 1250 watts | Item Dimensions (LxWxH)-15.38 x 15.12 x 5.38 inches | Item Weight- 48.5 Pounds | Warranty- 1 Years

For Best Deals-

About this item:

This powerful 1300 watts crepe maker is perfect for making traditional crepes. With this traditional crepe maker you can make professional and restaurant quality crepe at home.

This best crepe maker for home use comes with high quality non stick Teflon surface with built-in thermostat and indicator light. The indicator light gives signal when the desired heating is reach and you can ready to cook.

With this crepe maker you can easily make other kind of food such as blintzes,jianbing dosa, Injera, omelets, flat breads and roti and breakfast foods such as pancakes eggs bacon and tortillas.


  • High quality non stick Teflon surface
  • Built-in thermostat control
  • Built-in indictor light
  • 1 year manufacture warranty

Pros of this unit-This crepe maker is light weight and heat up quick and evenly and easy to use, it is perfect for first time crepe maker also perfect for gift to food lover.

Comes with high quality aluminum material
Our Ratings

Brand- StarBlue | Color- White | Material- Nonstick Coating aluminum | Voltage- 120 Volts | Wattage- 1000 watts | Item Dimensions (LxWxH)-  12 x 12 x 2.5 inches | Item Weight- 3 Pounds

For Best Deals-

About this item:

This crepe maker is made with high quality food grade aluminum which is completely safe and reliable for a long-term use. The non-stick surface of this crepe maker allows you to try out your creative crepe and makes food flipping hassle free. It also have the option to skip the greasing butter or cooking oil if you’re trying to make a healthier recipe.

The heavy 1000 watt adjustable thermostat plate provides you a high power output so that you can make your delicious food within a minute. It has a rotating knob with this you can set the temperature according to the desired cooking heat.

This starblue crepe maker also has a distinctive on/off switch with this you can conveniently switch on/off the machine button according to your needs and that also ensures the safe cooking.

This crepe maker for home use comes with 12 inches cooking plate which is large enough to prepare meals for your entire family. It is perfect for breakfast favorites such as pancakes, bacon and eggs, with this you can also make your favorites food like dosa, roti, tortilla and blintzes way more quickly than before.


  • Comes with super fine high quality aluminum material
  • Adjustable thermostat control
  • Comes with separate ON/OFF button
  • 12″ Plate Bigger crepes are always better! With this device, you can easily create crepes over the large, 12-inch flat plate.
  • Make Crepe-Making Easier With The Free Wooden Spatula and Spreader

Pros of this unit- Comes with simple and compact design for easy use, Easy to use, Warm up fast, Budget friendly.

Types of best crepe maker for home use-

Non-Stick or Stainless Steel Surface Tops

Traditionally, stainless steel has been used as the dominant surface top for cooking crepes simply because of its ability to conduct heat in a consistent manner.

However, anyone that has used stainless steel knows that the proper oil, lard, or grease must be applied in the correct amount or whatever is placed onto the hot surface will adhere, which will ruin a crepe. For this reason, many crepe makers have introduced non-stick tops to their surfaces.

Non-stick surfaces allow the user to use far less oil or grease when making their crepes, which makes a healthier food. Non-stick surfaces are considered a must by some people because the surface is user-friendly and allows more room for error.

However, other crepe makers claim that the non-stick coating takes away from the crepe maker’s ability to consistently conduct heat, which will create some spots in the crepes that are uncooked. Also, stainless steel advocates refer to the fact that many non-stick coatings eventually breakdown due to excessive heat, which can be harmful to the consumer.

Circular or Square Top:
Many crepe makers incorporate a round surface top that minimize the actual finished crepe. These crepe makers may look similar to waffle makers in their style.

The round surface tops have raised borders to allow for the batter to pour to the edges, which takes some of the guesswork out of measuring batter onto the cooking surface. These circular tops can cook (or fry) an almost perfect circular crepe with crisp edges. Many home crepe makers incorporate this style of surface top.

A few crepe makers utilize a square or rectangular surface instead of a circular top. Rectangular tops have one clear advantage over square tops, which is the fact that multiple crepes can be cooked at one time.

Circular tops are great for one or two people, but if one is hosting a party and needs to make multiple crepes at one time, a rectangular cooking surface can allow for up to two or more crepes to be cooked.

Those who use the rectangular tops relish the fact that they don’t need borders to ensure a quality crepe with consistent circular edges.

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