Top 5 Best Coffee Mug Warmer with Auto Shut Off in USA 2022 | Buying Guide

Top 5 Best Coffee Mug Warmer with Auto Shut Off in USA | Buying Guide

Most people will start the day off with a nice cup of hot coffee. Whether you are reading or enjoying a quiet morning, a coffee warmer help you to keep your tea and coffee hot and fresh all day, so you can relax without taking frequent trips to the microwave.

The best way to keep your coffee or tea hot is to buy a coffee mug warmer, these warmers come in a variety of different sizes and shapes and are not just limited to keeping your coffee warm, you can keep any hot beverage you like warm, so that when you return to your desk after a meeting your drink is still hot and tasting delicious.

What is a Coffee mug warmer?

A mug warmer is a device, which is used to keep hot beverages at the temperature they should be. This way you can ensure that you always have a tea, coffee or your favorite hot chocolate warm enough for you to have. They keep your drink warm for you, even when you tend to forget all about it in the course of the day.

A mug warmer is powered by electricity and will need to be plugged in. Some coffee mug warmers you can even operate via a USB cable connected to your computer and make sure you have a hot cup ready at all times. This way you can use it at home, at office, in your car or even gift it to your college going child to use in the residential halls.

How it works- it has heating coils at the lower portion of the warmer and it starts to heat up. When the temperature reaches a pre-set optimum, you will have some indicator lights which will tell you that you can now have the drink or some warmer comes with an auto shut off features.

You don’t have to worry about the mug warmer boiling your drink over, should you not consume it immediately. It goes into a hibernation sort of mode where it actually maintains the optimal temperature of your drink till you unplug the device. The best part about a mug warmer is that you don’t have to restrict its use to only coffee and tea mugs. You can also use it to keep a soup mug warm. What could be better than this on a cold day?

Buying Guide of Best Coffee Mug Warmer with Auto Shut Off

Cord Length: Cord length is one of the main things to consider before buying a coffee mug warmer. Different coffee mug warmers come with different cord lengths. You will need to check that the length of the cord is sufficient for the location where you want to set up your mug or cup warmer.

Features: Coffee mug warmers are available in the market with different specifications. Before buying a mug warmer you should check the features offered with that particular product. Some warmers have an auto shut off feature, temperature control, power over USB, etc. Choose one as per your requirement.

Size: Different sizes of coffee mug warmers are available in the market. Choose one according to your needs- choose a smaller one if you need to fit a smaller espresso or coffee cup.

Price: The price of a coffee mug warmer is different according to its features, design, built quality and size. The coffee mug warmer with more feature is also comes with higher price. Choose one which is fit according your need and your budget.

Mug Type:  You should also consider that which type of coffee mug you can used in your coffee mug warmer. Basically most of the mug warmer is for all type of coffee mug, but some of the coffee warmer company recommended the coffee mug which is made from certain material only such as stainless steel, ceramic, glass etc.

Warranty: Another main thing to consider is its warranty. You need to check the warranty period of this product before you buy a coffee warmer. So that if you face any problem after purchasing the product then you can contact customer service and claim your warranty.

1. Best Coffee Mug Warmer for Desk- COSORI Coffee Mug Warmer with Auto Shut Off

With this COSORI best coffee cup warmer you can able to keep your coffee, tea, milk and other beverages at the perfect temperature for a long time while you are working.

You can customize the heating plate temperature from 77°F–194°F / 25°C–90°C and can maintain the liquid temperature of up to 131°F/55°C. It comes with LCD display where you see the temperature and set the required temperature as per your requirement. This product comes with a memory function that remembers your previously set temperature, so there is no need to set the temperature every time you use it.

This best coffee mug warmer with auto shut off comes with pressure activated technology which means if weight on the heating plate is less than 10.4 oz /295g it will not be turn ON. This feature is very helpful which prevent accidental activation by your children or pets.

This mug warmer automatically shuts off after 8 hours of continuous use. So sometimes if you forget to turn off your coffee mug warmer don’t worry it has an automatic shutdown feature.

The surface of this product is waterproof that making it safe and easy to clean. This product is sleek and portable and you can easily carry it with you when you are travelling.


  • Pressure activated technology
  • Auto shut off after 8 hour
  • LCD display and touch technology
  • Spill resistant
  • Waterproof Surface


  • Does not have automatic re-start when you set your drink back down
  • Coating on the burner is thin so scratched may be come immediately

2. Best Mug Warmer to Keep Coffee Hot- Electric Gravity Smart Cup Warmer Pad with Auto Shut ON/Off

This coffee warmer can heat your coffee up to 120℉-140℉ (40-60℃) and keep your coffee warm all day long. The heating plate of this warmer is covered with a layer of thermal conductive glass so that the surface is waterproof, safe and easy to clean.

This best coffee mug warmer with auto shut off comes with gravity sense design so that when you put your coffee cup on this warmer plate the button is automatically pressed and it start to working and when you take your cup from the warmer it is automatically turn off. This product is suitable for various size of glass cup tea, milk box, cans etc.


  • Gravity auto shut On/Off feature
  • Tempered glass panel
  • waterproof and easy to clean
  • Proper size for different cup


  • Power cable is short compare to others

3. Best Coffee Cup Warmer with Auto Shut off- Smart Coffee Cup Warmer

This coffee mug warmer comes with a beautiful design and with nice blue LED lighting edge so you can also used this warmer as a home decoration item. . You can also use this coffee warmer as a candle warmer to fill the room with a pleasant aroma.

The surface of this warmer is made from high-tech water resistance conductive glass and is easy to clean just wipe it down with a rag or paper towel.

This best coffee mug warmer with auto shut off comes with auto shut off feature. This warmer is automatically shut off after 8 hours continuous uses so don’t worry if you forgot to switch off. This warmer is suitable for flat bottomed glass, milk box, feeding bottle and stainless steel.

Pros: Easy to use

  • Auto shut off features
  • Comes with long power cable
  • Nice looking LED lighting edge


  • It has no temperature control

4. Best Coffee Cup Warmer for Office Use with Auto Shut Off

This best coffee cup warmer can heat your coffee to 120℉-140℉temperature. This warmer comes with auto on/off features. When you put your coffee mug on the warmer plate the warmer will work automatically and when you take your coffee cup from the warmer plate it automatically turn off.

It also has the micro gravity button so that the warmer will turn on automatically when the warmer plate sense enough weight and when you take cup away from the warmer plate it will auto shut off.

This best coffee mug warmer with auto shut off comes with a stylish and waterproof surface and it is easy to clean and the bottom is made with conductive metal. This warmer is fit for most of the cup such as Metal, Ceramic, Enamel, Tile, High Temperature Plastic and etc.


  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for most cups
  • High quality metal plate
  • Auto on/off
  • Constant temperature of 120℉-140℉


  • You cannot set time limit

5. Best Smart Gravity Induction Coffee Mug Warmer with Auto On/Off

This beautiful compact design Smart Coffee Warmer by BESTINNKITS comes with built in gravity induction switch with indicator light so no need to turn on or off manually. You just only need to place your coffee cup on the warmer plate and it will automatically heat up. The weight of the mug must be over 0.8lbs (13oz) to activate the gravity induction switch.

The heating plate of this warmer is made with a thermal conductive glass and it is waterproof and easy to clean. It can able to keep your coffee or tea warmer with a drinkable temperature (131F/55C).

This best coffee mug warmer with auto shut off is suitable for coffee, tea, hot cocoa etc along with different cup size. It is a compact design warmer so you can easily carry and place it on your desk or table.

Only one disadvantage of this BESTINNKITS coffee warmer is that the power cable of this coffee maker is short it’s only 3 ft long that means you cannot keep it too far from the power outlet.


  • Beautiful and compact design
  • Auto switch on/off
  • Waterproof surface
  • Built in gravity induction switch


  • Cord is short
  • Cannot control the temperature

Frequently Ask Question (FAQ)

How do you keep coffee warm in a mug?

If you want to keep your coffee warm in a mug for a long time then a coffee mug warmer can help you to do this. A good coffee cup warmer can keep your coffee warm for a long time without losing the test or flavor of your coffee. A coffee cup warmer is available in the market from a price range of $5 and it goes up to $100+.

Is it worth to buying a coffee mug warmer?

Most people will start the day off with a nice cup of hot coffee; nobody likes to drink cold coffee do they. The best way to keep it hot is to buy a mug warmer, these warmers come in a variety of different sizes and shapes and are not just limited to keeping your coffee warm. You can keep any hot beverage you like warm, so that when you return to your desk after a meeting your drink is still hot and tasting delicious.

Does every coffee warmer come with auto shut-off?

Now a day’s most of the coffee mug warmer comes with auto shut off features, but manual coffee warmer is also available in the market.

Also many automatic warmer has different kind of auto shut off features.  Some coffee warmer remain a constant heat for a set period of time such as 8 hours or 4 hours, after that it is automatically shut off. While some of the warmer shut off every time automatically when you lift the mug from the warmer plate and when you put the cup again it automatically turn on.

Can we put paper cup on a mug warmer?

No you cannot keep paper cup on a coffee mug warmer. You can only put the mug which is made with glass, ceramic, stainless steel etc; this type of coffee mug has certain molecules which can absorb heat from the warmer and then redistribute it into your coffee, with this such process your coffee may remain warm.

But in a paper cup there is no such molecule to absorb heat and redistribute it in to your coffee.

Are the Coffee Mug Warmer Safe to Use?

Yes, Coffee mug warmer is safe to use. Now a day’s the coffee warmer available in the market comes with many different safety features. Some are comes with auto shut off features, when you keep your cup in the warmer it automatically turn on and when you take the cup it will turn off automatically; and some coffee warmer automatically turn off after a specific period of time.

The only thing you much follow that when you are using the coffee warmer the plate of the coffee warmer is too hot so stay away touching the plate when it is on.

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